Message Streaming Platform

Iggy is the persistent message streaming platform written in Rust, supporting QUIC, TCP and HTTP transport protocols, capable of processing millions of messages per second.

Performance oriented

Iggy provides exceptionally high throughput and performance while utilizing minimal computing resources.
This is not yet another extension running on top of the existing infrastructure, such as Kafka or SQL database.
Iggy is the persistent message streaming log built from the ground up using the low lvl I/O for speed and efficiency.

Extremely efficient

Rust language guarantees the predictable resources' usage, thus, you no longer need to worry about a random GC spikes.

Multiple transports

TCP, QUIC, HTTP, or maybe all of them at once? Easily configure and enable the different transport protocols.

Advanced features

Users, partitioning, consumer groups, message deduplication, retention policy, data encryption and many more.

SDK support

Building the distributed systems might involve many programming languages, which is why, we provide different SDKs.

Management interface

Built-in terminal CLI to manage the streaming server, or maybe the modern Web UI? Why not both :)

Fully open sourced

Thanks to the power of community, we can constantly improve Iggy and support multiple programming languages SDKs.

Supported programming languages SDK

Connect your applications

Setup the streaming between your apps and no longer worry about losing the messages.

Contact us

Feel free to join our Discord or send us a message: hello[at]iggy.rs

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